John's Glish Pages

What is Glish? Glish is somewhat like English; but, to a computing machine, Glish is Forth on Acid!

The .c files are my initial sketch of glish, starting with the essential basics. It is inspired by Jonesforth, by Richard WM Jones. The idea is to rethink what is needed at this low level, given what one commonly finds on a Linux (or GNU/Linux) machine, the observation that machine architecture is converging towards 64bit cores that organise memory and storage into 4k pages or blocks. The .c files are written in a literate way, explaing things very verbosely, and using more C code to show the logic than would be required to rewrite it in assembly. The point is thus to illustrate the idea with working code, rather than to present this as something that anybody should seriously use for real.

This is what you will find here:

  1. glishone.html
  3. whatis.txt
  4. whatisf.txt
  5. glish.c
  6. glish000.c
  7. glish001.c
  8. glish002.c
  9. glish003.c