defmodule Cerebrate do @behavior :application def start() do :application.start :dnssd :application.start :cowboy :application.start __MODULE__ end def start(_type, _args) do # Parse the from command line arguments config = parse_args() IO.puts "Starting cerebrate with args: #{inspect(config)}" # Set up the cowboy web server dispatch = [ {:'_', [{:'_', CerebrateWeb, [config]}]} ] :cowboy.start_listener(:cerebrate_http_listener, 100, :cowboy_tcp_transport, [{:port, config[:web_port]}], :cowboy_http_protocol, [{:dispatch, dispatch}] ) :cowboy.start_listener(:cerebrate_rpc_listener, 100, :cowboy_tcp_transport, [{:port, config[:rpc_port]}], CerebrateRpcProtocol, [] ) # Start the supervisor CerebrateSupervisor.start_link config end defp parse_args() do default_args = [rpc_port: 3456, web_port: 8080, log_level: :info] {raw_config, _other_args} = OptionParser.Simple.parse System.argv config = default_args, fn({key, default_val}) -> val2 = case {key, raw_config[key]} do match: {key, nil} default_val match: {:rpc_port, val} :erlang.list_to_integer(binary_to_list(val)) match: {:web_port, val} :erlang.list_to_integer(binary_to_list(val)) match: {key, val} val end {key, val2} end end def stop(_state) do :ok end end defmodule CerebrateSupervisor do @behavior :supervisor def start_link(config) do :supervisor.start_link {:local, :cerebrate_sup}, __MODULE__, [config] end def init([config]) do {:ok, {{:one_for_one, 10, 10}, [ { :exlog, {ExLog, :start_link, [config]}, :permanent, 60, :worker, [ExLog] }, { :cerebrate_checks, {CerebrateChecks, :start_link, [config]}, :permanent, 60, :worker, [CerebrateChecks] }, { :cerebrate_rpc, {CerebrateRpc, :start_link, [config]}, :permanent, 60, :worker, [CerebrateRpc] } ]}} end end