How not to run ourselves

We cannot run the world as a business: it doesn't work that way.
We cannot run the country as a business: it is way too complex.
We cannot even run our own lives as a business: we are way too complex.
We cannot judge what is good or bad by appearances: for appearances decieve too often.
All we can do is to trust God and our innate Humanity:
    without those two,
    God being that* which is responsible for us being here,
    and Humanity being that nature common to all genuine Humans,
    without these two,
    we are monumentally fucked.
— John Allsup

*Real or abstract, I do not mind, for me God just is.

Running ourselves like a business

The rules of organisation taught in business schools are good models for learning, but if learning stops at what is taught in business schools, then what is learned is essentially wrong. Running ourselves or our country according to the principles of modern business does not make for an economy that works.

The laws of economics derive mathematically from the laws of physics and the nature of the planet on which we live which, whilst bound by the laws of physics in its behaviour, is so statistically unlikely that we need separate disciplines to understand it: biology, anthropology and psychology are amongst them.

I call these disciplines quasi-scientific, for they try to apply scientific approaches to entities of study which, unlike the subjects of experimental physics and chemistry, are too complex to be properly studied via the scientific method: without reproducibility we cannot hope to get proper results via science, and we cannot accurately reproduce even one life form from scratch. Likewise money cannot buy time or life, time alone will not cause life to happen again, and giving life cannot buy back time, but money is just an abstraction to represent physical resources such as minerals and land. Money is part of how we organise ourselves, but it is not so important as humanity, life, or suffering.

We must not worship money as a god, for it is not. Reasoning based upon values of money is bound, mathematically, to make mistakes, for it discards important information; likewise organisation by the principles of modern business again leads to errors, for life is too complex to be properly organised by rules so simple, and business as we know it is too simple to work, and not simple enough to be worth keeping hold of: we need Humanity, not business, and Humanity cannot be run like a business.