Learning The Art Of Mathemalogic

I love counting,
to me it is fun,
and with counting I get
which to me are really
just one thing:

I love simplicity,
and simplicity is like beauty
when things just look right.

To me this makes computers
and maths and clever thinking
and solving life’s strange problems
Fun, Easy and Enjoyable.

That is what I long to share!

All I ask is a willing audience
who are willing to listen and play
and play and explore when they can
so that I can help them learn.

There is no going wrong,
all is the fault of the teacher,
since unless learning is fun
and the process is enjoyable
we are not learning properly.

Any takers?

Doctor John Allsup from Exeter
website: http://john.allsup.co/
email: doctor.john@allsup.co
twitter: @DoctrJohn4llsup